Investor Alert

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In the past month, has seen great growth. Such growth that we cannot keep up with it! Our profits are astronomical. Our customer base is satisfied and loyal. We truly could not ask for more as a new tech start up.

For the last month we have been giving out $1.00 to $2.00 in free credits just for signing up and as much as $10.00’s for referrals. Our aggressive marketing has definitely paid off.

Now we sit with hundreds of new customers (675 as of 11/26/2015 11:12pm) with returning customers coming back hourly. We face the same challenge as a lot of new companies do that deal in bitcoin and fiat. Acquiring new bitcoin while we wait for our funds to land is beginning to get harder and harder.


As a solution we have decided to turn to the public. We are now accepting investments through Please visit our investment page hosted on our founders account. We welcome all investors and ask for a rate of no more than 10.5%.



All of our loans will be paid back on a weekly schedule, and will last on a 30 day duration. We would like to thank all potential investors for your time and consideration. Here is a direct link to our listing

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