Visa Vanilla

Visa Vanilla’s are a great way to pay for Backpage Credits

Visa Vanilla Gift Cards (Pre-Paid Visa Card)  are easy to use, easy to get, AND accepted in A LOT of places..  A lot more places then competitor gift cards. When choosing your gift card acceptability should be of the utmost importance. After all, what good is a girl card if you can’t use it ?




Exactly, not good at all. Visa Vanilla’s first and foremost accepted here @ If you are in a jam and need a quick way to buy some Backpage Credits, you can always pick up a Visa Vanilla card and buy Backpage Credits from us.

Buying Visa Vanilla cards are easy. Check out the Store locator. The cards will cost you 4.95 and you can load anywhere from $20.00 to $500.00.




The cards are not reloadable but are accepted ANYWHERE visa is accepted, online and off. Including PayPal, AlexExpress, Amazon, Sears and on and on it goes.. You can use a Visa Vanilla card ANYWHERE Visa is accepted. A LOT of other gift cards make the same claim but fall short. If you have ever experienced a gift card not being accepted then you can relate. At the very least, if your looking for a gift card that is accepted to buy Backpage Credits, Visa Vanilla is for you!

Visit and register for an account, open a support ticket , OR give us a call 1-888-733-4102. You can use your Visa Vanilla Card to buy Backpage Credits anytime.