Hours of Operation

After long thought and consideration hour Live Tech Support has gone from 24/7 to a daily schedule. Offering the best support and over all service is what we strive for but as the old saying Goes,open20sign20vintage
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too”.


So we are lessening our hours to improve our support. Please do not be confused. We are still technically open 24 hours a day 7 days a week the time you can call in and get a live operator has changed. We want to keep our prices competitive and our service quality second to none.


Starting 11/19/2015, our weekly schedule will be Monday to Wednesday our live Support opens at 9AM and closes at 1:30AM. On Friday and Saturday our Live Support begins at 9AM and closes at 2:30AM.


So just to be clear, you still buy Backpage Credits 24 hours a day at BuyBPCredits.com. But Monday to Wednesday from 1:30AM to 8:59AM our Live Support will be closed. 


On Friday and Saturday from 2:30AM to 8:59AM our Live Support will be closed. On Sunday between Live Support is only available from 12PM to 3PM.