PayPal Cash

PayPalCash is a great way to buy Backpage Credits..

PayPal cash is new and very exciting (and a great way to pay for your baBackpage credits!) Particularly for merchants who accept PayPal. Before PayPal Cash, when accepting a PayPal order, you really had to know the person you were dealing with. Merchants who accepted PayPal often received email notifications days later; saying the PayPal account was hacked and the purchase was being voided, and funds returned to the buyer.


A lot of the time, people really were hacked, and their PayPal accounts were used to buy things they never wanted nor used. However, there are instances where people will buy things with their PayPal accounts and claim they were hacked, when they weren’t in-fact hacked at all!


PayPal Cash cards put an end to all of that (or so it seems).



PayPal Cash cards work a little differently than regular PayPal transactions. PayPal Cash cards are paid for with Cash. When buying something with a PayPal Cash card, one would send the numbers on the back of the card. Once the receiver of the funds gets the numbers from the buyer, he would then load that card on to his account.

Here are the steps to buy a PayPal Cash card:

  1. Go to RiteAid (or other participating retailers).
  2. Buy card – The card cost 4.95 and you can load from $20.00 to $500.00 on them.
  3. Scratch off the back.
  4. Record the numbers (or keep card).
  5. Send the numbers to the person you are paying.




If you receive a PayPal Cash card for payment of something, loading the cash to your PayPal account is easy.

Here are the steps:paypalcash-2

  1. Record the numbers from the buyer.
  2. Log in to PayPal.
  3. Visit PayPal Cash.
  4. Type in the Numbers supplied to you by the Buyer.
  5. Submit.

That’s it, you’re done! You should now be able to check your PayPal balance and see the funds you’ve loaded.

Please keep in mind this is a new system and no one knows exactly how it will turn out. Its still best to have some type of working relationship before accepting any type of payment.

As far as buying Backpage credits goes, you can always buy PayPal Cash cards and trade them in for Backpage Credits with If you don’t already have one register for an account, then open a new ticket  or you can always give us a call 1-888-733-4102