Bitcoin for Backpage is not required!

I know this may sound crazy but you really do not need it at all..  Not  when you buy credits from

Bitcoin for

Just because BP only accepts one bitcoin and no longer accepts credit cards. Doesn’t mean YOU can’t still use them. You can still make it happen with pre-paids. In the past in order to post, you went through the steps. You wrote your post, uploaded your images and when it was time to pay you entered your debit or credit card information. You never had to worry about getting Bitcoin for Backpage.


Now, that process is exactly the same, only, when it comes time to pay you pull out your phone and pay with you Bitcoin wallet. OR you can use a 3rd party service such as So in all reality you do not have to get Bitcoin at all. You can go back to the days where all you needed was a pre paid debit cards (preferably Visa Vanilla).


After you purchase your credits posting is even simpler. Get your post ready, pick the images you want and make sure your phone is turned on! Then just post your ad as normal, only when it comes time to pay make sure you select “Pay now with credits’Pay with Backpage Credits


And thats it, your ad is live!


Bitcoin for Backpage


Your credits will be posted directly into your account. Minutes after your payment is confirmed you can check your balance and use your funds to post. Now you don’t have to worry about hoping your free ads go live! And Ghosting? pshh, thing of the past when you post with paid ads!


After you have become a customer of, should you need it support its there. You can contact support through phone, text message, live chat or by opening a support ticket. Not only is support seconds away but purchases could never be easier. When you need Bitcoin for Backpage Credits making a purchase is as easy as texting a friend. Simply text support, give them the email address or phone number you registered on BuyBpCredits and how many credits you would like to buy. Minutes later your account will be funded!

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Bitcoin for Backpage Not Required
When posting on, Bitcoin is not truly needed. Posting with credits bought from can take bitcoin out of the scenario altogether.
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