Bitcoins for Backpage

What is Bitcoin – Do I need
Bitcoin for Backpage ?

The short answer is Bitcoin is another form of paying someone online. Its kind of like PayPal. Backpage stopped accepting credit cards and now only accepts bitcoin. If you want to post in the adult section of Backpage and more importantly have your ads actually show, you MUST pay for the ads. Free ads DO NOT work and the only way to pay is to pay with bitcoin.


Bitcoins for Backpage Not Required


You DO NOT NEED Bitcoins for Backpage

Everyone you speak to says “Yes you do, you do”. Why are we telling you differently? Because it’s NOT TURE! You can post with Backpage Credits and avoid using Bitcoins for Backpage altogether. Furthermore, you can buy Backpage credits with good’ol credit, debit and pre-paid or Gift Cards. Anything that has the Visa, Amex or MasterCard logos on them. Oh, yeah, lets not forget Discover Card :)


You don’t have to rush! Post now learn about Bitcoin Later..

Posting with Back Credits is a lot easier and a lot faster. And on top of everything else its fast! Great if you need to get some ads up immediately. When you post with Backpage credits there is nothing to learn, just pay for your credits and minutes later see them in your account. You don’t have to “buy”, “sell”, worry about bitcoin “prices, dealers, exchanges” or anything. So go a head and post with Backpage Credits for now. Once you have learned the basics to bitcoin you can decide when you want to make a bigger commitment.


Does Backpage own Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not a company; no one owns it. Therefor; there is no one to pay for customer support, marketing or explaining how it all works or how to get started. However, if you know where to look there are a lot of great people in the community who are willing to help. There are also a bunch of websites dedicated to informing people on the basic and over all introduction.


Don’t gamble with your Bitcoins for Backpage (post-with-them).

When you buy bitcoin for Backpage make sure you post your ads or buy bp credits immediately! The price of bitcoin fluctuates. If you have the equivalent to $10.00 worth of bitcoin right now, in about a minute it could be worth $9.50. On the other hand, it could also be worth $12.00. If you need a specific amount of money to post your ads and you don’t want to take any chances, don’t!

Do not let your money sit in bitcoin if you do not feel like gambling. If you need $50.00 to post your ads and you bought 50.00BTC . Post your ads right then and there OR  buy Backpage credits. Once you buy Backpage Credits you do not have to worry about the price going up and down. A Backpage credit will be worth the same today as it will be in 100 days.

Bitcoin for Backpage

Learn about Bitcoin when you can

We encourage everyone to learn about bitcoin and how to use it yourself. A lot of our customers know and use bitcoin on a daily basis, yet, chose to buy their credits from us for the pure convenience. Bitcoin is the future and it should be embraced. However, sometimes life gets in the way of learning new things but remember, you don’t need bitcoins for Backpage anyways :)

If backpage stopping to accept credit and debit cards has been especially hard on you, don’t feel bad, your not alone. There are thousands of people just like you and we have helped them all; we can help you also. We make getting support easy as well. The first step is contacting us.

You can reach us by live chat. You can go to any page on our site and click on the live chatbox located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. You can also submit a support ticket. However, if your more of a phone person you can call or text 561-660-0986. We have reps. waiting eagerly to handle your requests.  Let us make posting on BP a lot easier. next time you want to get an ad up make sure you do it with Backpage Credits not bitcoin.