Backpage Credits Explained

What are Backpage Credits ?


Backpage Credits are exchanged for Bitcoin on the site Also known as Bp Credits, they can be used just like Bitcoin when placing an ad in the adult section of Each credit is worth $1.00 and are sold by Backpage as well as 3rd party suppliers like Read below for further detail.

When posting on’s adult section there is a fee required. Each Backpage credit is worth $1.00. The fee to post varies from place to place. For example, if you live in New York City, to post in Brooklyn would cost .50 cents whereas Long Island cost .25 cents.  So in essence Backpage Credits are one option when paying for your ads, the other payment option is Bitcoin.

Backpage Credit Card ?

There are some users that actually have a line of credit with Backpage. Some user account have had credit lines up to $999.00. No one knows how they were selected or why. One day you have a regular account and the next day you look at your payment options and notice “Bill Me Later”. If you do have a credit line you can post until you run out of credit.


Why use Backpage Credits ?

The main benefit using credits has to do with Bitcoin. The price of bitcoin raises and falls. You can buy $100.00 worth of bitcoin today and tomorrow it could be worth $90.00, on the flip side it could be worth $110.00 or ever $400.00. Yes, it could go up that much that fast. However, if you main objective when purchasing your bitcoin was to post ads on Backpage, taking risks on prices isn’t a wise thing to do. This is where credits come into play. If you buy credits rather than bitcoin you will have the same posting power today as you did yesterday.


How do I get credits ?

How to obtain your credits is the easiest question of them all. You can get your credits right here at or you can check out alternatives to Backpage Credits. We have several ways to be reached but our most famous is “Purchase by Text”. If you would like you could open a support ticket, select a package from the dashboard, speak to one of our agents through live chat, call in or simply text. When purchasing your Backpage credits through text message, in a few minutes your account will be funded and you didn’t even have to say a word!




If the change to Bitcoin for Backpage has been especially hard on you, don’t feel bad, your not alone. There are thousands of people just like you and we have helped them all; we can help you also. We make getting support easy as well. The first step is contacting us.

You can reach us by live chat. You can go to any page on our site and click on the live chatbox located on the bottom right hand corner of the page. You can also submit a support ticket. However, if your more of a phone person you can call or text 561-660-0986. We have reps. waiting eagerly to handle your requests. Don’t let Bitcoins for Backpage stop your ads from going live anymore!