Paysafe dropped

Backpage Drops Paysafe as a form of Payment. What to do now ? Have you used Paysafe to get your ads live on Backpage ? If so you today might be the day you decide to switch from Paysafe to


For those who do not know Paysafe is another anonymous form of payment. Paysafe come much like a prepaid credit card does. Paysafe cards are purchased by retailers like pharmacies and check cashing stores. Paysafe is mostly used outside of the United States, however, of recently more and more Paysafe purchase locations are popping up.

Even with the raise of Paysafe purchase locations the cards are still hard to obtain. No one knows for sure if that is the Backpage dropped them as a payment method, however, reports have come into from our users all stating Paysafe is no longer a available.

Do you still see Paysafe as a payment option in your country ? If so we would love to hear about it. Visit our contact page and drop us a line.